From Scroll to Book to Internet: Educational Technology Changes Everything

New technologies can change everything–what and how we learn, know, understand, communicate, socialize, and think.

Many people have enjoyed the video called Help Desk, posted by Zauron3ooo, that hilariously depicts an interaction between two monks as they try to figure out how to use the new technology of the book, as opposed to the old way of the scroll.

I believe that Help Desk is a great prelude to this video called Joe’s Non Netbook, posted by sabestian. In it, an educator has a candid conversation with a teenage student about the difference between his textbook and the Internet.

What do you think of these two videos, examined together? A few brief thoughts from my brain include:

  • a move from linear to completely non-linear thinking (also a huge part of e-books and how they have re-defined literacy)
  • a struggle between how things were done in the past, and how they are done now, but no less effort or willingness to learn
  • the importance of learning about and discussing the medium or tool that is used to learn, share, or create, no matter what the content may be
  • the importance of organizing, linking, and categorizing information in the process of learning

What are your thoughts, connections, or opinions on both of these videos? I would love to know what students and teachers come up with when examining them together.

2 thoughts on “From Scroll to Book to Internet: Educational Technology Changes Everything

    • Ha ha–that made my day. Thanks JM! I have fixed the link to my post about e-books and how they have changed the nature of literacy. What did you think of the vids? I really enjoyed the level of interaction that Joe implies is missing from his textbook.


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