Vision & Goals

Personal Vision

I believe that schools are places where:

  • Collaborative student-community service, involvement, and participation nurtures a sense of belonging, respect, and  self-efficacy
  • Students and staff are engaged in real-world learning, connected with each other and with professionals, challenged to take risks in their learning, and reflect constantly on their progress
  • Strong teams and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are built on mutual support, trust, and shared ownership for the well-being of the entire school community
  • Diverse strengths, ideas, and contributions are embraced and explored
  • On-going school-wide instructional improvement is conducted through data-informed decision making
  • The norm is continuous development, sharing, and application of best practices in personalized learning environments, inquiry-based learning (IBL), and universal design for learning (UDL)
  • All learners are supported by assistive and educational technologies
  • Research and practice converge regarding leadership, school improvement, innovation, and the challenges of change, globalization, and emerging technologies

Goals of Schooling

My focus is not simply the ‘what’ of personalized learning, but more importantly, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ within the transformational process. I work with administrators and teachers to build environments that: connect students to the real world, use engaging and innovative approaches, hold collaboration and reflection as keys to learning, and are accessible to all students. I believe that the goals of schooling are to enable students to:

  • Nurture their unique potentials so that they can develop personal values and skills to live meaningful and fulfilling lives (self-actualization)
  • Use the knowledge, skills, and attributes that they develop to contribute to the positive growth of society (social re-construction)
  • Think creatively and critically to solve problems and make collaborative decisions with people who have diverse ideas and perspectives
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills in an ever-changing and globally connected world
  • Practice ethical behaviour and decision making based on strong personal values and thought processes
  • Draw on fundamental knowledge and skills that will contribute to life-long learning, self-improvement, and engagement with the world around them

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(Image: “Sharing,” by bengrey, 2010. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.)

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