Leadership & Change Competency

Here are ways in which I have demonstrated instructional leadership, school improvement, and change in the communities that I serve. I am passionate about building strong teams in focused, innovative schools, and believe in the vital connection between research and practice. To share my expertise and grow my understanding of leadership, change, and emerging technologies, I have established a professional learning network (PLN) through this blog.

School-Wide Leadership Initiatives & Implementation

  • Digital Learning Dashboard and Structural plan (2010-2011) (conceptual diagrams) for whole-school change in the personalization of instructional design – Working with an AP to coordinate a 10-member Technology PLC strategy for moving whole-school teaching and learning practice forward through purposeful technology implementation, data-driven decision making, and the adjustment cycle

Alternative Programs, Instructional Design, & Student Support

  • Alternative Learning Class (2009-2011) – Participated in the Area V High School e-Learning Centres committee of 7 high schools. Worked through staff resistance and resource limitations to implement the Alternative and Blended Learning Classes at HWW. These classes offer credit recovery through flexible, student-directed course design, teacher collaboration, and teacher-student mentorship. The project went through a series of changes over the course of 1.5 years:
  • Innovative Technology CTS course re-design blog post (2010-2011) – Established an 8-member PLC team to create an Innovative Technology (IT) course that: engages students of all abilities, teaches assistive technology applications, offers client services to the school and community, utilizes Web 2.0 tools, examines technological change and adaptation, and discusses ethical challenges around globalization and social networks. Brainstorming diagrams: Course Themes and Learning Objectives.
  • FNMI presentation  (2011) – PowerPoint presentation that I created in collaboration with an AP and an Aboriginal Education Specialist to communicate with parents and students of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities about school programs and supports, to encourage attendance, and improve high school completion rates

School Development Planning & Leadership Retreats

  • Leadership retreat outline (2010) – PowerPoint (pdf) outline of a full-day retreat for administrators and learning leaders at the beginning of the school year. Includes collaborative protocols for professional learning conversations about school development plans and PLC development.
  • School development planning (2010) – (pdf) Overview and examples of actions and measures to help learning leaders and their PLCs plan SMART goals.

Assistive Technologies – Leadership & Innovation

  • ESL mLearning project (year 2 and 3 videos) and Trustee E-zine article and video (2008-2010) – Works with system-level specialists to support the ESL mLearning project to help teachers and students reduce learning gaps and increase literacy and intercultural understanding. Uses SMART technologies, podcasting software, multimedia applications, and one-to-one laptops.
  • Cross-curricular project between a special education class and a non-academic stream English class (2009) – Full documentation an amazing project in which students in both classes studied Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and developed literacy skills, social skills, empathy, and relationships that continue to grow even two years after the initial project. Includes rationale, process, samples of student work, and student and teacher reflections.
  • Special Education technology implementation (2009) and Teacher and student progress video (2010) – Full documentation of the integration of SMART Boards and other assistive technologies into a special education classroom, including images, sample files, and student reflections, and a blog post about the initiative.
  • Blog, Website, and Web 2.0 in Special Ed (2009-2011) – Use of WordPress and Web 2.0 Tools for collaboration, engagement, and sharing in a special education class. The class has also used iPod Touches, iPads, Twitter, and D2L in innovative ways. Check out the blog posts for details.

Action Research into the Integration of Technology into Educational Practice

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